Scrapping Geno 2.0 Next Generation webpage in Python using BeautifulSoup

Beautiful Soup is a Python library to search and extract what we need from a document. In this post, I use it to access the data in Geno 2.0 Next Generation webpage for each population. This project contains information of more than 830000 volunteers from 140 countries who have participated in the project. The webpage summarizes the results and shows what is the share of various genetic affiliations in each population.

Pipelines incidents: not as rare!

Dakota Access Pipeline is no longer an unfamiliar name. The controversy over the pipeline comes from two opposing views. On the one hand, people are of afraid of (water) pollution. On the contrary, the corporation responsible for the pipeline says it’s safe. So the question is clear: Is the pipeline really safe? It’s hard to answer this for a not operational pipeline, but we can look at pipeline incidents data to answer if pipelines are safe.